Essential oils for calming, anxiety, and sleep

Schools back in session, the Holidays are coming! To keep you rested and living High Vibe here are recommendations for which oils to use for calming, sleep, and anxiety: 1)

The Frequency of Healing: How To Raise Your Vibration

“Everything in the universe including human beings vibrates at a frequency because we all are made up of energy. The Earth vibrates at a frequency of 528Hz which is the

Stay hydrated with flavorful infused water

Ask a roomful of people if they enjoy drinking water, and you’re bound to get polar opinions. While some say nothing else quenches their thirst quite like water, others can’t

Food for Thought: Nature’s Way

1. Natural health is not alternative medicine. Natural health is traditional medicine.  2. Nature’s way is hundreds of thousands of years old. Chemical medicine is only 125 years old. 3.

The Alkaline Foods You Need To Nourish Your Body

Disease loves a toxic body, but feels the opposite about an alkaline body. This list will help you choose alkaline fruits and vegetables. FRUITS Apples, apricots, avocados, bananas, berries, cantaloupe, carob,

Learn how to use nature to boost health

“Earthing or Grounding” is a simple thing we can do each day that helps keep stress levels (and cortisol levels) in healthy ranges, can improve sleep and also reduce inflammation. 

5 reasons to practice tongue scraping

Dental research has concluded that a tongue scraper is more effective at removing toxins and bacteria from the tongue than a toothbrush. Although brushing and flossing will loosen and move debris around,

How to break bad food habits the easy way

Try “Crowding Out“ This concept truly flips the conventional belief about dieting on its head by adding more healthy foods to the diet rather than taking things away. By eating more

Pantry Staples for Transitioning to a Healthier Lifestyle

Fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits may be the foundation of a healthy diet, but pantry staples are what will fill you up and provide a fulfilling meal. My best tip

Are you still buying salad dressing?

If you are, stop! Did you know common store-bought salad dressing ingredients include:   Refined Vegetable Oils: The consumption of refined vegetable oils is linked to widespread inflammation within the body,