Your water wants you to bless it

The Water movie shows how regular tap water, when blessed in the Catholic church, turns into holy water with the power to revitalize dying plants.
Try placing your hands on a pitcher of water (I distill my water into a glass pitcher, not plastic) and say wih your eyes closed:
“Bless you water. Thank you for coming into my life. I’m so grateful for you.”
As you say your blessing, visualize the Light that’s shining inside us — the Light that both we and water truly are. 
Then add Himalayan crystal salt, to restructure the water molecules. Salt triggers water’s memory of its innate molecular structure — so it returns to the look & feel it has when it springs from the earth. The molecules collect into 6-pointed stars, like snowflakes. Also silicon will trigger water’s memory, so it re-structures itself. 
Water loses its structure — becomes de-structured and chaotic — when it flows into polluted rivers and then into pipes that bend at right angles, totally against water’s natural flow. It turns into dead water — no longer that electrically alive water you see in a mountain spring.

You may’ve heard to place water in sunlight to restructure it. I’d never do this. Water shies away from heat, it wilts like a plant. If you look at the places where it springs out of the earth, they’re cool wooded areas with ferns and moss.

Now with simple words, you transform the stars into exquisite crystals, more beautiful than snow flakes.
Tape the words Love and Gratitude onto your water pitcher. Masaru Emoto in his book The Hidden Messages In Water writes under his photo of the Love and Gratitude water crystal:
“This crystal is as perfect as can be. This indicates that love and gratitude are fundamental to the phenomenon of life in all nature.”

In the prologue he reports: “It was the most beautiful and delicate crystal that I had seen — formed by being exposed to the words ‘love and gratitude.’ It was as if the water had rejoiced and celebrated by creating a flower in bloom.
It was so beautiful that I can say that it actually changed my life from that moment on.”

Now you know how to drink living crystal clean water filled with twinkling stars of Love and Gratitude!

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Noël Ehlers

Noël Ehlers is a writer, conscious creator, and community manager. She's passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and will try everything from Himalayan salt lamps to a high vibration diet in order to feel her best.
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